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  • I can not access the Final Exam I just paid for?
    Once a Final Exam is purchased an email is sent to the email address you entered when paying/registering for the Final Exam. This email contains all the information needed to access the Final Exam including a direct hyperlink to the Exam you purchased, for that reason it is imperative that you enter your email address correctly when you register for the Final Exam.
  • How many CEU's do I have?
    To view your state profile Click Here.
  • How many CEU's do I need?
    To view DEP's CEU requirements Click Here.
  • I am having difficulty viewing/downloading course materail?
    If you are having difficulties viewing/downloading course material, please use Google Chrome as your internet browser to rectify issues.
  • Can Drinking Water courses be applied to my Distribution and Drinking Water licenses?
    Yes, DS/DW course CEU's can be applied to both Water and Distribution license CEU requirements, please provide both license numbers when enrolling to take Final Exam. This rule ONLY applies to DS/DW courses.
  • When will my State profile reflect the CEU's I earned?
    We submit CEU completion reports on a weekly basis (every Wednesday) to our State provider, so you can expect to see your CEU's within 7-10 business days.
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